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Disabled Refuge

With access provided for all, provision must be made for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. In some circumstances, those with physical impairments can be assisted by others – but in many situations this is neither suitable nor safe.

A solution comes in the form of temporary areas of safety – ‘refuge areas’. The person in need of assistance is helped to the closest refuge area and awaits safe evacuation.

Refuge areas must meet certain criteria, these are covered in BS9999:2008. As well as describing suitable areas for refuge and the type of construction, the Standard specifies the need for two way communication.

BS5839-9:2003, provides the details on the communication system that is needed for a refuge area.

dB Audio & Electronic Services Ltd can provide EVC systems for disabled refuge, fire telephone or site marshalling providing true duplex speech and meeting the requirements of  BS5588, BS5839 part 9 and BS8300:2001

Equipment can be from 8 to 128 way switch boards with remote stations, surface or flush mounting and of tough tamper resistant design in red or steel finish.

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