Fire Alarm Systems

We are third party certified to design install, service, maintain and commission all types of fire alarm systems. All work is carried out to BS5839.



Research has proven that in an emergency, people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, inteligible message. Bells and sounders only give a warning, they do not indicate the nature of the emergency. Phased evacuation using clear, easily understood, pre-recorded messages ensure that even untrained personnel are evacuated speedily and efficiently.


A voice alarm is, however, not simply a public address system connected to the fire alarm panel, it is much more. A voice alarm system has to work when needed during an emergency and is therefore, fully monitored at all times. A combination of clear pre-recorded messages and live announcements (to selected areas) enable a controlled and gradual or phased evacuation.


Each voice alarm system is designed and built specifically for each project, typically no two systems are identical. Activated automatically by the fire alarm panel during an emergency, the system will, typically, evacuate areas in immediate danger and alert others.


Used on a daily basis for public address, timed spot announcements for advertising or general information and background music, the voice alarm is not just for use during emergencies.


Benfits of voice alarm systems:

• Phased evacuation

• Multi-lingual digital messaging

• Selectable pre-recorded messages

• Microphone priority handling

• Induction loop

• Public information announcements

• Gain revenue via advertisements injection

• Background music for ambience

• Broadcast of opening/closing times

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